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Blum Hinges



Blum hinges are the leading furniture manufactures hinge of choice due to their exceptional functionality. Every cabinet door either with or without soft close closes with ease. Blum hinges offer Blumotion soft close, either integrated into the hinge or as a clip on device.


No more slamming of cabinet doors. Blumotion soft close is the patented technology which ensures doors always close silently and effortlessly. This is despite how much force is used to close the door and regardless of the weight or size of door. 

Concealed hinges

We offer the most commonly used Blum concealed hinges. However, if you don’t see the hinge you require or have any queries about their use, please contact us. Clip Top hinges are a clever innovation from Blum. The hinge mechanism simply and securely clips to the cabinet mounting plate making installation easy. There is then a simple 3-dimensional adjustment to ensure perfect alignment of the doors.

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