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Drawer Storage

Innovative Kitchen Storage

Your kitchen should look as good on the inside, as the outside. Optimising your drawer storage not only keeps your kitchen tidy; it makes cooking simpler, with everything to hand. Our range of kitchen storage ideas for Blum and Hettich drawers perfectly complements your home.

Drawer storage isn’t just about cutlery trays, deep drawers are increasingly replacing traditional cabinets due to their accessibility. Why scrabble at the back of a cabinet when a drawer brings the contents to you. Multi-functional, they can be used to store ingredients, pots and pans or plates and we have the perfect drawer accessories to ensure the items are securely held in place.

If you’re looking for a cutlery insert, you’re spoilt for choice with plastic, wood and stainless steel options. Add a knife rack or foil holders to keep all your essentials tucked out of sight.