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Blum Cam Adjusting Clip Top Mounting Plate


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Quality mounting plates are essential for trouble free doors and cupboards. These nickel plates are compatible with all Blum clip top hinges. Available in two options for cabinet sides 15mm and 18mm. If you ever need to adjust your mounting plate, you normally must slacken the screws holding it to the cabinet which over time can mean they don’t hold as well. The integral cam screw feature means the height adjustment is actioned here instead and prolongs the longevity of the fix.

Select the option relevant to the thickness of the cabinet side where the plate is to be attached to allow for correct door spacing.


Mounting plate: 173H7100 & 173H7130
Mounting plate system: CLIP
Shape of mounting plate: Cruciform
Material: Steel
Finish: Nickel plated

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173H7100 0mm for use in 18mm Cabinet sides
173H7130 3mm for use in 15mm Cabinet sides