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Studies Show Better Bedroom Storage can Enhance your Relationship


It may seem ridiculous that a clutter free space can improve your marriage or relationship however science never lies. For years clutter has been associated with stress and now boffins declare that an untidy, disorganised master bedroom leaves couples sniping and griping when they finally hit the hay.

Our own bedrooms are usually the last area of our house that we pay attention to, especially if there are children in the home. In our list of priorities it is the one room where we believe we can make a compromise, updating and organising communal areas and bathrooms first. However with a little care and attention we can become happier, we can improve our relationships, we can enjoy a great night’s sleep and we can wake feeling fully rested and stress free. All we have to do is realise that our own personal space is important; we deserve a safe haven where we can retreat from the world in order to rejuvenate our minds and bodies ready to be the happy, relaxed person our family and friends deserve.

Here are a couple of tips that have been proven to make you happier and thus enhance your relationship:

Making the Bed

It’s such a little thing but scientific studies show that making the bed every morning not only ensures you can climb straight into it on an evening but also ensures you start the day off doing something for your own happiness. This task is so effective there are even New York Times bestselling books about it, such as The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rueben.

Being Ever Ready

This can be adopted in any room in the house, simply ensure the room is ready for you to return before you leave. In the master bedroom this may mean that your cosmetics are neatly stored and easy to find, your nightwear is ready to wear and your kindle is charged and conveniently placed next to the bed. Having everything in its own place diminishes stress as these scientific shows just searching for a wanted item can raise blood pressure considerably. The studies are detailed in Marilyn Paul’s book, “It’s Hard to Make a Difference When you Can’t Find your Keys”. Wardrobe accessories can ensure you not only have a place to hang up your day clothes on an evening but you save time getting dressed in a morning too thus giving you precious extra minutes.

Being Selfish

Your bedroom is your adult space, the place where you and your partner can inject your own personalities and indulge in some time alone. Although you may enjoy weekends when the children pile into the room or you may occasionally answer your emails from a laptop in bed, your space should be free of any outside influences, this includes references to work and children.

Nothing douses the flames of romance like stepping on a piece of Lego or when a plastic toy sings a lullaby as you try to converse intimately. Even with the laptop in the corner of the room, you will subconsciously think about the work you have to complete the next morning. Your room should be clutter free. If you must have toys for the children, hide them away with clever bedroom storage. Make a space for work items and only have on display items that make you feel truly indulgent and selfish such as your favourite cosmetics and your best silk bedding.

Soon you’ll associate your bedroom with stress, worry, responsibility free time where you can truly relax and unwind and enjoy the finer things in life such as the company of your spouse without any interruptions!

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