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  • 91K9550 Refrigerator Hinge
  • 194K6100E Mounting Plate
  • Refrigerator Housing

91K9550 Blum Refrigerator Hinge


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Blum refrigerator housing hinge supplied with mounting plate. A slimmer hinge is required for tall fridge freezer housings which allow room for the appliance to be installed correctly. The refrigerator hinge is designed to slide on to the mounting plate, allowing the door to be installed while the fridge/freezer is in the cabinet.

Additional Information
Opening Angle: 95 Degree
Cranking: Overlay Application
Boss Type: Screw-On
Bore Size: 35mm
Blumotion: Not Available
Side Adjustment: +/- 2mm with Screw
Depth Adjustment: +/- 2mm with Screw

Price is per hinge & mounting plate - Lifetime Warranty
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