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Blum’s latest drawer design has already been winning awards for its elegant box system. Blum Legrabox epitomises elegance with its clean contours and slim sides. More than any other system, the Legrabox drawer is the perfect choice for any room in the house.

Steel with a matt coating or anti-finger print stainless steel provides strength to the smooth 12.8mm side profiles, whilst offering a modern look to all furniture. Deep drawers can be further customised with glass and side design elements to give an individual look.

Renowned for its smooth open and closing actions, Blum Legrabox drawer combines Blumotion with an innovative new runner which is unnoticeable when viewing from the side. This further enhances the clean lines of these Blum drawers. Even very wide and heavy pull outs have a smooth running action thanks to a carrying capacity of 40kg.

Easy assembly is synonymous with Blum and the Legrabox is no different. Perfectly aligned drawers are simple with height, side and tilt adjustment via Torx screws. A new front fixing bracket enables fast, safe and simple assembly or removal of the front fascia.

Legrabox Experience Elegance Brochure - Click Here

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