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Deep Drawer Organiser Sets


Hettich and Blum Kitchen Drawer Dividers - simple but effective 

Kitchen drawer dividers makes organising boxes and packets of provisions simplicity itself. The clever design of these Blum and Hettich drawer dividers means you can easily adjust them as you add and remove items from the drawers, keeping the contents upright, accessible and tidy.

Drawer dividers maximise your storage options, ensuring you get the best possible use of the drawer space. No more messy spills with packets tumbling over. The kitchen drawer dividers also simplify preparation of your shopping list. As all provisions are in sections – it’s easy to see at a glance which items are in danger of running low.

The dividers are drawer type specific, if you’re unsure which type of drawer you have, please view our ordering guide. If you require any further assistance, please give us a call or email us a picture of your drawer.

See just how easy these kitchen drawer dividers are to fit and adjust - Click Here >>

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