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Orga-Line Foil Holder & Cutter


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The Blum Orga-line foil dispenser is designed to securely hold your roll of tin foil, allowing you to unroll just the amount you want. The clever foil dispenser cutter then provides a precise and safe cut.  Wrapping food in foil has never been simpler and safer; the Blum Orga-line foil dispenser presents you with the beginning of the roll, and does away with the dangerous serrated cutting edge usually found on foil boxes.

After use, the foil dispenser can be simply stored away in a drawer ready for the next time, which keeps your work surfaces clear - trust Blum Orga-line to come up with a clever and practical solution to foil storage and dispensing.

Dimensions: W89 x D411 x H70mm

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Product Videos

Blum Foil & Film Holder (01:14)
Foil is exactly where it should be and immediately to hand in a foil dispenser. Isn't it annoying when you roll out your plastic wrap and it gets all stuck together? The Blum dispenser gives you a clean edge every time. Dispensers fit nicely into a drawer or can be kept on a worktop. To find out more visit http://www.clutterfreekitchens.co.uk/orga-line-foil-film-holders/
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    Foil is exactly where it should be and immediately to hand in ...