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  • Length Option 450mm Side Component
  • Length Option 500mm Side Component
  • Position Dividers as Required
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Accessorise With a Knife Holder
  • Accessorise With a Film & Foil Holder

1000mm Orga-line Utensil Divider


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With the 1000mm drawer dividers, kitchen organisation is easy. This utensil divider enables secure and convenient storage of kitchen utensils, knives and small electrical appliances in your utensil tray drawer. Everything you could need for preparing meals is easily accessible.

The Orga-line drawer dividers, kitchen utensil trays are designed to fit in Blum metal drawers with 450 or 500mm sides. The kitchen inserts are 64mm high with utensil divider layout and dimensions as illustrated.

The utensil tray drawer set contains two (four on the 500mm side variant) dishwasher safe, utensil divider compartments. Three adjustable horizontal dividers enable you to personalise the tray to its contents.

Optional Inserts: The two wider utensil divider inserts fit an Orga-line knife block or a foil and film holder snugly. While the left hand insert holds either a foil or film holder, all easily lifted out of the utensil tray drawer onto the worktop for food preparation. (see the related products below)

Other insert options are available - Click Here


Product Videos

Blum Utensils Divider used with Knife Insert (00:29)
Traditional plastic and wood cutlery trays are great but sometimes you want some extra flexibility or a more modern look to suit your kitchen. As usual Blum has the answer - Lift out trays you can place on the worktop while cooking, pop them in the dishwasher for hygenic cleaning and adapt the tray to suit your needs. Blum innovation. Find out more: http://www.clutterfreekitchens.co.uk/orga-line-utensils-insert-53-c.asp
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    Traditional plastic and wood cutlery trays are great but somet...