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Aventos HL


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The Blum Aventos HL Lifts are for wall cabinets with one part fronts which lift parallel to the cabinet front, ideal in rooms with high ceilings. Simple to install and smooth to operate, the Blum HL Aventos allow unobstructed access to overhead cabinets. The surface-mount mechanism installs to the cabinet side and eliminate the need for further hinges. The mechanism use a clip-on feature to allow doors to be removed without tools. 

The Lift mechanism effortlessly lifts both heavy and light doors, while the variable stop ensures the fascia always remains in the desired position. As the door closes, integral soft-close dampers effortlessly and silently draws the door shut, preventing slamming.

The Aventos lift mechanism is easily adjusted for opening and closing tension or door alignment.

For cabinet heights 300 to 580mm

For cabinet widths 400 to 1800mm

Minimum cabinet depth 280mm

The Blum Aventos HL sets are available in 5 strengths:


Select the cabinet height (mm) and the door weight include handle (kg)  

*Door Weight Calculator  

Cabinet Height  20L2100.05   20L2300.05   20L2500.05   20L2700.05 20L2900.05
300-349mm 1.25-4.25kg 3.5-7.25kg 6.5-12kg 11.20kg -
350-399mm 1.20-2.5kg 1.75-5kg 4.25-9kg 8-14.75kg 13.5-20kg
400-550mm - 1.75-3.5kg 2.75-6.75kg 5.75-11.75kg  10.5-20kg
450-580mm - - 2-5.25kg 4.25-9.25kg 8.25-16.50kg 


Complete set comprises of:
1 x L/RH Aventos HL lift mechanism
1 x L/RH Aventos HL cover caps
1 x L/RH Aventos HL arm set
1 x L/RH Aventos HL front fixing brackets
1 x Blum Aventos HL cross stabiliser rail 1061mm

 Other Blum Aventos lift options are available - Click Here


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