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Ambia-Line Foil/Film Dispenser


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Ambia-line foil/film dispenser for the new Legrabox drawer system from Blum. The design of the cling film dispenser means that a sturdy dispenser rod holds the roll securely, enabling you to peel off just the right amount of food wrap. The clever cutter on the cling film dispenser, then slices neatly through the film.

The Blum Ambia-line foil dispenser is designed to securely hold your roll of tin foil, allowing you to unroll just the amount you want. The clever foil dispenser cutter then provides a precise and safe cut. Wrapping food in foil has never been simpler and safer; the foil dispenser presents you with the beginning of the roll.

Suitable for external cabinet widths from 400mm. Secured perfectly in a drawer via Ambia-line utensil frame/tray or use the base bracket to fix to any drawer base.

Dimensions W187mm D409mm
Material: Nylon/Sst (Inox)
Finish: Orion grey matt

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