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Ambia-Line Bottle Holder Set


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The Ambia-line bottle holder set has been specially designed to go with the Blum Legrabox drawer system.

Practical inner dividing system for bottles, these provide a secure place to store your bottles, no matter what the size. The elegant, slim design of the Ambia-line frames are easy to use and you could even stand cutting boards up beside the bottle holder.

  • Frames are easy to use and can be put in any position
  • Compact programme of parts that can be used universally
  • Elegant design with adjustable cross dividers

Height: 140mm
Width: 200mm
Material: Steel
Finish: Orion Grey

Available in two length options 422 or 472mm.

Consists: 1 x Frame 2 x Adapters 4 x Cross Dividers

Please note: *Not suitable for Inner drawers*

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Product Videos

Blum LEGRABOX Bottle Holder Set (00:24)
The inner dividing system for LEGRABOX ensures perfect organisation in all living areas. The universally compatible AMBIA-LINE frames are easy to use and have a shape, colour and material designed to match LEGRABOX. To find out more or purchase the Blum LEGRABOX bottle holder set please visit: https://www.clutterfreekitchens.co.uk/legrabox-bottle-holder-set/
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    The inner dividing system for LEGRABOX ensures perfect organis...