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  • Use with a 3mm Mounting Plate

79T9550 Blum Blind Corner Hinge


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79T9550 Blum 95 Degree blind corner Hinge system, with the extremely reliable CLIP mechanism. CLIP top combines tool free assembly/removal with an elegant Award-winning design.

Opening Angle: 95 Degree
Boss Type: Screw On
Bore Size: 35mm
Blumotion: Purchase Separately
Adjustment: 3 Way with Spiral-Tech
Side Adjustment: +/- 2mm
Depth Adjustment: + / -1mm

Use in combination with 970.1002 Handle Side Blumotion, even doors closed with force will close silently and effortlessly.

Price is per hinge - Lifetime Warranty
Mounting plates, Blumotion, Boss cap's and arm covers available - Click Here