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Corner Base Storage

Pull Out Kitchen Storage at its Best

Maximise the use of your kitchen corner units with our range of corner solutions to suit all pockets. These enable you to easily access the contents without having to kneel and stretch to get to the back of the cupboard. All items can be retro fitted, making them a versatile choice for new or existing kitchens

Magic Corners; Peka kitchen corners are high performing, space-saving solution and an invaluable asset to all modern kitchen corner units. These pull out Peka storage units have a choice of either chrome or non slip baskets making full use of over 80% of the available storage space.

Le-Mans; Perfectly balanced movement makes pull out shelves fitted with the Le Mans mechanism a real pleasure. The kitchen shelves emerge completely with the illusion of gliding on air. These pull out kitchen corner units allow for optimal loading of the easy wipe non-slip shelves.

Carousels; Simple carousels enable cost-effective storage for all kitchen corner units. Swivelling easily from side to side allows easy access to all contents. The Peka kitchen carousels allow shelves to rotate independently automatically stopping, allowing the doors to close easily.

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