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Atira Drawer Waste Bins


Recycling bins for home use have become increasingly popular as they make disposing of your refuse, so much simpler. The Hettich Atira Waste System is ideal for cabinets 400mm to 600mm wide. With a weight capacity of 30kg, conveniently concealing your waste has never been easier.

For maximum use of your cupboard space, choose the pull out cupboard bin. Using the drawer components, the bin frame is fitted to these instead of the drawer base. The individual sturdy containers are easily lifted in and out for emptying and cleaning. The metal lid remains within the cabinet to trap unwanted smells and provides a handy shelf to store bin liners. Why not upgrade to push to open, to enable you to hygienically dispose of your rubbish, without contaminating the drawer handle.

Alternatively choose the Bin It vario or Hettich Drawer Bin to make use of an existing deep drawer. The Drawer Bin provides additional versatility with its frame containing compartments, for cleaning products.

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